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It’s hard to believe back to school is already here. Transitioning from summer vacation to the new school year, although exciting, can be daunting and even that much more so for the mom battling cancer. There’s a heightened sense of stress and worry about everything that needs to be tended to.

98501F9F-699B-4A69-A7EB-8A9A6C0978A5Her days are packed with long hours of doctors appointments (sometimes multiple), chemotherapy and/or radiation, extreme fatigue and a host of other undesirable side effects from treatment. But she too is thinking about back-to-school and doing the best for her family while simultaneously thinking, “How am I going to make it through the day?”

Back-to-school planning and preparation is multifaceted but feeding your family is key. When bellies are full with healthy foods, it paves the way for better brain function and overall performance in school and life.

As moms, we all have visions of relaxed healthy morning meals and packing Bento box-style or hot thermos lunches (in BPA-free materials of course) for school, providing adequate hydration that will stay cold and leak-proof throughout the day and planning a 3-course, 5-star dinner loaded with every major nutrient, five days week. No big deal, right?

9BBBC2B1-988D-4DCA-B435-7DE3079E2D7FWhile we all strive to do our best, sometimes the ‘new school year’ energy momentum wanes as the reality sets in that it’s not so easy becomes apparent.  If it’s not so easy for us, imagine how much more difficult it is when you’re battling cancer. Your ability to plan, think and remember even simple tasks can be a challenge. You know you need the nourishment from food and your family does too. However, sometimes trying to accomplish this poses additional barriers. Just think about all the steps that are involved from start to finish.

     *Choosing recipes
     *Having a plan for each day
     *Making a grocery list
     *Going to the supermarket to purchase foods
     *Prepping and cooking, when necessary

To simplify the process, Mondays at Racine’s Nutritionist, Wendy Kaplan, MS, RDN, CDN, has created a FREE eBook full of useful and creative ideas to help to make Back-to-School less daunting. She will break them into practical tips, tricks and hacks for moms battling cancer and anyone who wants to help them.

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