Mondays Cancer Education Series: Is CBD Right for You?

44079028_10214970040018482_4183723919296Mondays at Racines’ Cancer Education Series launched on Monday July 22nd at Racine Salon and Spa in Islip, NY. The series was created to provide trusted information to people affected by cancer on a variety of topics, all related to cancer. Our first speaker was Desiree Sparrow, CBD expert and educator who spoke about CBD: “Is CBD Right for You?” focusing on topics such as how CBD works in the body and understanding ECS. 

After the presentation, our guests had the opportunity to sample products, ask questions, share their experiences and walk away with new tools to support them throughout their battle with cancer. 

Want to learn more about CBD? Listen to Desiree as she shares why CBD works and how it can be used most effectively.  



For more information about Desiree Sparrow visit Echo Connection CBD or Hemp Lifestyle Network