National Soy Food Month!


April is National Soy Food Month, so I wanted to take this opportunity to share all the different and wonderful ways that soy can be incorporated into our daily diets. Enjoy!!

Make into a fruit dip (recipe for Tofu Banana Walnut Dip)/sauce/pudding.
Use Soy for Dips

Eat edamame plain or add to salad, stir fry or soup.




Munch on soy nuts. They are great plain as a snack or you can use them instead of croutons in a salad, in a homemade trail mix (click for recipe), or as the nut in energy truffle bites.
Soy Nuts





Enjoy tofu in a stir fry, throw into chili (can replace beef), prepare cutlet style or add to smoothies.
Soy 4




Drink soy milk instead of milk and/or use in recipes like this yummy Tofu Cherry Cheesecake Smoothie.
Soy 5






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