Salon Be Joins the Mondays at Racine Charter Salon Family

Bluepoint, NY- Jan 29, 2018Salon Be announced the grand opening of their new cancer care program, Mondays at Salon Be.  In partnership with the non-profit, Mondays at Racine, one Monday a month the salon will open their doors to provide complimentary beauty and wellness services for those undergoing treatment for cancer. Services include haircuts, head shaving, scalp treatments, wig care, cosmetic services, specialty brow and lash services plus facials, nail care and massages.

“The staff and I at Salon Be are honored to participate in the Mondays at Racine program.  We look forward to making a positive difference in the lives of people with cancer,” said Mary Szmala, Owner of Salon Be. “We all know how devastating this disease can be, so if shaving a head, holding someone’s hand or just lending an ear can help, we’re honored to do it”.

Mary, Nfoley and Certif with Guy

To commemorate the launch, Brookhaven Councilman Neil Foley presented Salon Be with a Certificate of Congratulations. “I guess we all have cancer in our lives…and what you do here is give people a special gift of appearance,” said Councilman Foley. “I just want to say thank you very much from me, the town of Brookhaven and on behalf of the town board, good luck Mary…I’m sure you’ll do well!”

“It’s really about the connection Mary, that people make and it’s palpable; and it’s very, very moving and driving.,” said Richard T. Margulis, President and CEO of Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center. “I’m sure that with Cynthia’s help you’ll be able to bring that here along with the whole team to this community, which is very important to us at Brookhaven. We’re proud to be a part of Mondays at Racine Mary, RM, Cyn, Girland be a partner to you.”

As the newest charter salon of the Mondays at Racine Cancer Care Foundation, Salon Be staff have committed to carrying out the Mondays mission of helping people living with cancer face the challenge of healing… beautifully.

“We’re excited for Salon Be to join the Mondays at Racine family,” said Karla Waldron, Executive Director for Mondays at Racine Cancer Care Foundation. “Mary and her team are an excellent addition to our growing Charter Salon program on Long Island, giving those dealing with cancer another place to go for treatments, support and a smiling face.”