How to Become a Client

We Are Here for You…

Each Monday,  Mondays at Racine program sites—known as charters—open their doors specifically for cancer patients, offering individual attention, customized services and a caring community that transforms the cancer journey for our clients.

The health, beauty and wellness services at Mondays at Racine successfully help minimize the side effects of cancer and cancer treatment. Clients usually make their first appointment shortly after beginning treatment, but you can start with us wherever you happen to be in the process.


Next Steps

Welcome to the Mondays at Racine Community!   

To be eligible to receive our services,  please follow these simple steps.

  1. Have your oncologist or medical provider sign our medical release; download it here:
    Medical Release Form
  2. Email your signed medical release to us at:
  3. Once we have received your signed medical release, a Mondays Navigator will call to schedule your first appointment.


** If you do not hear from someone within 48 hours of submitting the medical release, please call the navigator at 888-9MONDAY (888-966-6329).**

For a list of services we offer, please click here:

Not sure if there’s a Mondays program near you? Click here to see our locations: