Welcome To Wellness Wednesday with Wendy…

Welcome to our new blog series…Wellness Wednesday with Wendy. Every week, on Wednesday, Mondays’ Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist, Wendy Kaplan, will share quick, easy and useful nutrition tips to help us live a healthier, fuller life.

“I am honored to be part of the Mondays at Racine team and to be able to help carry out this beautiful mission,” says Wendy. “I’ve always had a desire for helping people with cancer optimize their health and well being. I truly believe good nutrition before, during and after cancer treatment makes a difference in how people feel, how they respond to treatment and how it makes a difference in lessening post treatment complications. The field of oncology nutrition is where my true passion lies and my love for this population makes me thrive in my professional and volunteer positions.”

So make sure to check back here often to see whats new! Also, we LOVE hearing from everyone-so don’t be shy…let Wendy know when you like one of her tips, have a question or want to share something that works for you!!