About Mondays at Racine

For over ten years, the staff of Racine has looked for a way to provide support and comfort to people receiving treatment for cancer. In 2003, they created the Mondays at Racine cancer care program, which provides complimentary services and supportive therapies every Monday.

At a time when few were addressing the mental and emotional impact of being diagnosed with cancer, Racine set out to attempt to offset its ravaging side effects and provide solace, integrity and support to its community members stricken with this disease. In that time, the program has grown to become a safe haven for patient’s emotional well being, as well as an important supportive resource center within our community. It has also helped hundreds of women deal with their affliction in a gentle and proactive way.

Our Mission

…is to encourage a self-empowering, mind-body approach to treatment, in concert with traditional medicine, to ensure wellness and vitality.

By attending to the whole person and not just the disease, Mondays at Racine offers people suffering with cancer the opportunity to face the challenge of healing…beautifully!

Our Vision

…is to change the face of cancer utilizing the skills of the beauty industry.

By creating a national movement providing education and programs that work alongside conventional medical protocols, millions of people all over the country and world will be able to heal more effectively.

Our Core Values

Hope & Care:
To raise awareness and instill a sense of hope while our clients undergo treatment and provide outstanding care.

Responsibility & Integrity:
Making all of our decisions based on the needs of our program and staying true to our vision. Showing responsibility with actions and follow through on promises.

Honesty & Gratitude:
Acting with transparency, respect and dignity to all. Giving authentic gratitude to all of our donors, sponsors, clients and volunteers for they are the key to this program.

Teamwork & Community Support:
To effectively work with one another to achieve a high standard of excellence in service. To create a safe haven and resource center for our community to rely on.

Board of Directors

John Muratori, MD
Ocean Family Medicine, LLC

New York Director of Family Medicine
Southside Hospital

Jennifer Carpenter Low
Associate Vice President of Fund Development
NYC Leadership Academy

Domenick Claudio
Executive Director
Global Financial Compliance at The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.

Rachel DeMolfetto
Owner, Racine Salon and Spa
Co-Founder, Mondays at Racine

Sally Rose
Philanthropist, Community Advocate

Patricia Catalina
Executive Vice President of Finance, Arizona Beverages USA LLC

Michelle Powell
Vice President, Business Integration, Charter Communications

Richard J. Conti
Philanthropist/Community Advocate

Cynthia Sansone
Owner, Life on Mars Beauty
Co-Founder, Mondays at Racine

Our Team

Rosemary Berger, Vice President

The vice president of MAR, Rosemary also performs as an esthetician at Racine. “When we started this program, over 10 years ago, I knew two things for sure: one, that I would be part of the beginning of something amazing, and two, that I could really affect peoples lives in a beautiful way. What I didn’t realize is what it would do to my soul. My clients are not only clients, I consider them my friends and part of the ‘Mondays at Racine quilt’.  I have been given a gift by each and every one of them every time we meet.”

Karla Waldron, Executive Director

As the Executive Director, Karla works tirelessly to create a safe and supportive community for those undergoing treatment for cancer to come to feel better about themselves (inside and out). Since opening their doors in 2004, she has played an integral role in the day-to-day operation and overall development/growth for Mondays at Racine. Her responsibilities include, but are not limited to, managing and creating the strategic communications and marketing initiatives for the organization in addition to fundraising development/activities such as the Annual Health Symposium and Long Island Beauty Ball for Cancer, for which Karla is the founder and Chairperson.